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Update 12th Match 2021

Hello Everyone.

We hope you are all well and still keeping safe in these challenging times.

Hopefully many of you will now have had at least your first vaccine and are feeling a little safer venturing out.

We are pleased to let you know that we are now expanding our Face to Face hands on treatment availability, as we have all had our first vaccination and all do twice weekly flow tests so know we are Covid free. This means we are able to open up more treatment rooms.

We will continue to wear full PPE during treatments and guide you through the clinic in a safe manner observing social distancing from other patients.

So, if you are waiting for hands on treatment or feel that you now need it, then please contact the clinic on 01189692299 and your physio will then be in touch to arrange an appointment.

Take Care and continue to stay safe


Update 8th January 2021

Happy New Year everyone! Well, that was an interesting Christmas!
Just to let you know, that despite the increased lockdown measures imposed last night, we will still be offering some limited hands-on treatments. Unfortunately, though we feel that many of our treatments will continue to be remote video calls for the next 2 months or so.
We are sure you understand the reasons for this.
To ensure your safety, there will be only one physio in the clinic or at Brookside surgery at any time to minimize contact with others.
We will be extra vigilant with our PPE.
We ask that you arrive alone at the time of your appointment, ring the doorbell, put on your mask, sanitize your hands, and the physio will come and let you in as soon as they have prepared your treatment room.
We thank you all so much for supporting us through these difficult times, and please be assured that we are continuing to give you all the highest standard of care and support as we are able to.

Many Thanks, The 3Way Team


Update 10th August 2020

With the ever changing and confusing Covid-19 restrictions, we wanted to provide an update on activities at 3 Way…

We have now been successfully operating a limited face to face service at our Woodley clinic for 2 months. We have been gradually increasing the capacity, but with the need to ensure the safety of both our staff and patients, we are still well below the pre-Covid levels. We are prioritising those patients whose conditions most need hands-on treatment, using the professional judgement of our highly experienced team.

In parallel we continue to provide telephone and video based consultations, which have proven extremely successful for a large number of patients during recent months – so regardless of your condition we will be able to help you one way or another. Presently all initial assessments will be done remotely, allowing the physiotherapist to determine the best course of treatment, and where necessary arrange a face to face appointment.

While we do hope and expect to return to more normal working in our clinic in the coming months, and indeed in the local GP surgeries where we have historically operated, the “new normal” will likely include some element of telephone and video consultation for the foreseeable future.

We will continue to post updates on Facebook and our website – if you have any questions, or want to book an appointment, give us a call on 0118 9692299.

Keep safe everyone…


Update 29th June 2020

We’ve been operating our limited hands-on service successfully now for most of June, and are very pleased to say that all of our safety processes have been working very well and that we have had excellent feedback from our patients.

We’re delighted to announce that we will be gradually increasing our capacity as we move into July, and offering more face to face treatment slots as we move back towards normal working.

In parallel we will be continuing our successful remote telephone/video consultations, and all first appointments will still be handled this way – your therapist will then determine whether face to face treatment is appropriate and arrange follow ups accordingly.

We are also seeing most GP surgeries reducing their restrictions, so if you’ve been suffering in silence and holding back from visiting the GP because of Covid-19, now might be the time to get referred for some treatment…


Update 4th June 2020

Everything is in place for us to start our gradual return to normal working with limited hands-on physiotherapy treatments from next week, alongside our successful telephone/video consultations…

This is what you might expect to see! Not exactly a fashion statement, but at 3 Way we treat the safety of our staff and patients as the top priority while Covid-19 is still a threat…


Update 1st June 2020

Whilst we have been successfully providing remote telephone/video consultations throughout the Covid-19 crisis, we are conscious that there are a growing number of our patients that would benefit from face-to-face treatment.

We have been monitoring the situation carefully and ensuring that we are able to move forward in a way that is safe for both our patients and staff.  In line with government advice, we are pleased to announce that we will be starting a gradual return to face-to-face activity at our Woodley clinic from next Monday 8th June.

We will be operating under strict new processes to ensure safety, including:

  • Screening of patients for any Covid symptoms
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (for both physios and patients)
  • Limited activity – initially just one physio operating, building up as we believe it is safe to do so
  • Extended hygiene practices – with full wipe down of all treatment areas between patients

Initially we will be prioritising those patients who we believe are most at risk, or where an absence of face-to-face treatment could have a significant impact on recovery and quality of life.  For those concerned your therapist will be in contact to arrange an appointment, and we will provide more details on what you should expect. 

In parallel, and until we are able to fully return to normal, we will continue to provide telephone/video consultations where appropriate, and all new patients will continue to have an initial assessment by telephone or video.

We will continue to keep everyone updated on our website and Facebook page, and look forward to being back to full operation at the earliest safe opportunity.



Update 5th May 2020

As we enter week 7 of lock-down, we continue to refine our telephone and video consultation service, which is still operating well and helping patients cope with the Coronavirus Covid-19 crisis.  For patients looking for physiotherapy treatment during lock-down, wherever you are based, give us a call on 0118 969 2299 – we’ll be pleased to book you in with one of our experienced physio team.

Keep watching our Facebook page for updates…



Update 25th April 2020

We have now been operating remotely for a month, providing telephone and video consultations with our patients – both private and NHS – and the feedback has been universally good.  Our team of expert physios can assess and advise patients, and provide suitable exercises supported by emailed printouts and video examples.  We will arrange a suitable time to call you, and the physio will guide you through the process.

Whether you are referred by your GP, have medical insurance or are just looking for some help, please take advantage of our service – it really will help – and even if we do need to see you face to face when the current restrictions are lifted, we can help you to manage your condition during lock-down and put you at the front of the queue to get an appointment when our clinic re-opens.

We will continue to provide updates here on our website and on our Facebook page.  For more information or to make an appointment just call on 0118 969 2299.

Stay safe.  Stay at Home.  



Update 27th March 2020

We have now completely transitioned to remote consultations using either telephone or video link but continue to offer a full service to patients. Our experience in this first week has been excellent – our patients have found the sessions valuable and the feedback to our new approach has been almost universally positive.

If you have been referred for physio treatment, we will be in touch to organise an appointment, and your physiotherapist will call you at the allotted time. We have developed a new protocol using telephone, and where appropriate video links and email, to ensure we continue to provide the best possible assessment and advice for patients and support you.  Even though the Covid-19 situation is preventing hands-on treatments at present, we can really help your conditions, and those patients that we have been working with are seeing the benefits.

Please follow the government guidance, stay safe and look after each other in these difficult times.

We will continue to update you as and when the situation changes, and if you have any questions or wish to book an appointment you can contact the clinic at 0118 9692299.


Update 23rd March 2020

The growing and escalating situation regarding Covid-19 is sadly forcing the closure of many businesses, and introduction of measures restricting movement which are unprecedented but vital to fighting this disease.

We are delighted to say that 3 Way Healthcare will continue to provide physiotherapy support to all of our patients.  However, In order to best protect both our patients and staff, we have today made the decision to stop all face to face appointments, and therefore our clinic in Woodley will be closed to patients – this is line with current guidance from both government and healthcare professional bodies.

Those patients who already have an appointment booked should receive a text message confirming this and be asked to call the clinic on 0118 9692299 to confirm its receipt.  Your physiotherapist will call you at the scheduled time of your appointment, and we have developed a new protocol using video links and email to ensure we continue to provide the best possible assessment and advice for patients and support you during this difficult time.

We have been piloting this approach for the past 2 weeks and it is proving successful and popular with our patients.  Where appropriate your physio will be able to review and assess your condition using video links, provide printed or video exercises via email, arrange follow up appointments and support patients with expert care.

We will continue to update you as and when the situation changes, and if you have any questions you can contact the clinic at 0118 9692299


Update 21st March 2020

As the guidance on Covid-19 becomes much stronger regarding unnecessary travel and gathering, and following yesterday’s update from government, we have further updated our policy to protect our patients and staff.

From Monday 23rd March, all consultations for all patients will be conducted by telephone. Those patients who already have an appointment booked should receive a text message confirming this and be asked to call the clinic on 0118 9692299 to confirm its receipt.

Your physiotherapist will call at the time of your scheduled appointment, and we have developed a new protocol to ensure we can provide the best possible assessment and advice for patients to continue treatment despite the unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in.

Where appropriate the physio will be able to provide exercises (and send videos to make it easier for patients to understand), arrange follow up appointments (with video links where available), and support patients with expert care.

In extreme cases, where the only option is for hands-on treatment, and provided the patient is not within the vulnerable or self-isolating criteria, your physio may decide you require a follow up appointment at our Woodley clinic.

We will continue to update you as and when the situation changes, and if you have any questions you can contact the clinic at 0118 9692299


Update 17th March 2020

Yesterday’s government update on the Covid-19 virus called for those in households showing symptoms and those in a vulnerable category to self-isolate, and for everyone to minimise all unnecessary travel and social gathering.

In light of this new guidance, we are updating our policy as follows:

If you have an appointment with 3 Way please do not come in for treatment unless it is absolutely necessary and you are not in a vulnerable category.

In order to continue providing treatment and advice we will be conducting telephone consultations instead, so please keep your appointment time available for this and one of our physiotherapists will call you.

In all cases, please phone the clinic on 0118 969 2299 to let them know how you would like your appointment to be carried out.


Update 14th March 2020

With the ever changing and developing situation with the Covid-19 virus, please be assured that we are monitoring the situation, following current advice and modifying all of our policies to protect our patients and staff as much as possible.

We would ask that if you have a cough or fever or feel that you are in the “vulnerable” category that you do not come in for treatment.

If this is the case, please phone the clinic on 0118 969 2299 to cancel or rearrange your appointment, giving us as much notice as you possibly can to help us prioritise resources.

For all other patients we are operating as usual, but please observe and adhere to the notices on the front door when you attend for treatment.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep everyone aware as and when things change.

Many thanks

3 Way Healthcare Team


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