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What is Pilates?

Originally developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s and adapted by physiotherapists for rehabilitation after injury, Pilates redresses the imbalance of strength and mobility, using a specific regime of mat based exercises in various different body positions.

For many people experiencing long-term low back, neck and pelvic pain, the problem arises from a weakness of the central core muscles, leading to instability. Pilates is based on the principles that movement must begin from the central core of stability particularly in the lower back and pelvic region.

About our classes

Our internal Pilates classes are designed for beginner-intermediate level and run by a Physiotherapist trained in Pilates. We offer a 4-week course which allows you to see some improvements in your strength and mobility.

No previous experience of Pilates is required, but to get the most from the sessions we ask that you can get on and off the floor comfortably and have unrestricted movement in your upper and lower body.

Where appropriate we can also refer patients to external Pilates classes.  We work closely with 3 instructors who run their own classes up to advanced level.


How to book your place

Full details on how to join, what you will need and how the classes work can be found on the main Classes page.

Your Practitioners

Before joining a class:

It is recommended you consult your GP, physician or health care professional before starting any new exercise.  With any type of exercise or program there may be a possibility of injury, abnormal blood pressure, fainting or disorders of heart rhythm.  It is impossible to predict the body’s exact response to exercise, therefore if you have any medical issues, we strongly recommend that you discuss those with your doctor prior to commencing a new exercise programme.

You can stop whenever you wish, especially if you feel tired or experience any discomfort or pain. We advise you stop immediately if this happens and inform your instructor.

If you attend our classes, please discuss starting these exercises with your Physiotherapist who can sign post you to the most appropriate level for you to work at. All exercises are undertaken at your own risk and 3 Way Physiotherapy can’t be held responsible for any injuries.

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