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Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of medicine having been used for 3,000 years in China.

The traditional Chinese view is that stimulation of acupuncture points allows energy to flow freely around the body and relieve the stagnation arising when there is a problem.  More recent research shows it to stimulate the brain to produce pain-relieving endorphins to allow the body to heal itself.

While not all patients will respond to acupuncture, it has been shown to work in 70% of cases. It can help relieve joint, muscular and nerve pain, acute sports injuries and headaches.

There are no adverse side-effects with acupuncture, but some people could experience increased pain for 24 hours, immediate pain relief, drowsiness, or feeling of well being – these are all good signs that the treatment should be effective.

For most people, acupuncture is part of an overall treatment programme, but some patients will require acupuncture only – we have set up separate sessions to reflect this, but these are only available after an initial physio assessment has been done.

Chartered Physiotherapists undergo acupuncture training at postgraduate level, and use it as part of a total treatment plan following a full assessment and evaluation.  Physiotherapists use “Western Style” acupuncture which can use many acupuncture points or just trigger points in the muscle or joint to relieve pain or muscle tension.  The needles we use are single use, sterilised and very tiny.  Very few people experience any pain when the needle is inserted.

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