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0118 969 2299
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Berkshire RG5 4JB
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There may be some circumstances where you are unable to get in to the clinic and need us to visit you at home or in your residential or nursing home.

These circumstances may include severe pain or limited mobility. Wherever possible we do encourage you to come in to the clinic for physiotherapy treatment since we have access to all the equipment and treatment couches here. The cost of a home visit is graded depending on how far away from the clinic you live. Prices start from £88.

In some situations we may decide after an initial assessment that you require 2 therapists for your treatment – if this is the case we can attend with our physiotherapy assistant on a subsequent visit.

If appropriate, our physiotherapist will also work with your family members to teach them how to continue the treatment after we have left.

Just contact the clinic on 0118 969 2299 and a physiotherapist will discuss your problem with you to ensure we provide you with the correct expertise and solution.

Your Practitioners

We have a team of Physiotherapists covering our Domicillary visits.

Any of our Physiotherapists can come out and give you adapted treatments in your own home at a time that suits you.

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