Physiotherapy is a specialised profession aimed at individuals of all ages to prevent, restore, maintain, develop and enhance movement and function.

These circumstances may occur naturally through ageing, injury or disease. The aim is to restore the client’s function, movement, fitness and well-being to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle. We achieve this through a process of assessing an individual’s movement and function and using agreed upon goals and objectives.

The variety of conditions in which Physiotherapy has a role is enormous. Most people will be aware of only a very limited number of the types of condition that we can help unless they or a close friend or relation has had personal experiences of some of these conditions.

It is important that potential patients understand that Physiotherapy is not a passive form of treatment. Part of our role is to stretch and strengthen muscles and other soft tissues which will mean that an exercise regime will be an integral part of the treatment and to re-educate patients in more effective and less damaging ways of doing day to day activities.



Common Conditions we can treat

Improved joint range of movement

Increased strength

Increased balance and co-ordination

Increased fitness

Return to normal function

Overall well-being

Preparation for your operation

Recovery and rehabilitation after your operation

Following the subjective and objective examination (above) the Physiotherapist will discuss with you the likely cause of your symptoms and the treatments that can be performed by them and yourself to achieve your desired goal and also to achieve a long-term benefit. The treatment will be individual to you and specific for your condition.

The Physiotherapist will aim to explain and educate you about your condition throughout your session but please do not hesitate to ask throughout your visit if you do not understand anything. We feel it is vital that you fully understand your condition so that you can gain the best outcome.

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