At 3 Way Healthcare we believe that it is not just enough to accurately diagnose and effectively treat sports injuries, but that a graduated and sports-specific rehabilitation programme is vital for the athlete to return to their peak fitness and performance.

As such the team at 3 Way Healthcare are not only all specialised in the treatment of soft tissue injuries but have in-depth knowledge of the differing physical requirements of most sports.

We are also able to offer training advice for individuals wanting to prepare for a sport or activity such as skiing, golf or running a marathon. A training or rehabilitation programme will be tailored to your individual needs to help you achieve your best potential in your sport with the equipment or facilities you have available to you.

To make an appointment, book online or phone the clinic on 0118 969 2299.



Types of Sports Injuries:


Muscle tears, ligament sprains, joint strains


Long term back, neck, knee or shoulder pain


Overuse injuries, frequent breaking down

Treatments often used:

Soft tissue mobilisations






Rehabilitation programme


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