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In the Workplace

with 3 Way Healthcare

The team at 3 Way Healthcare is pleased to offer your business expert advice and treatment covering a wide range of work-related musculoskeletal conditions.

Why do we need Workplace Assessments?

Work place related injuries contribute to 60% of sickness days taken in Britain today. Whether these are back, neck, arm, wrist or shoulder pain, many can be directly related to poor ergonomic working positions, inappropriate seating or desks and lack of awareness. Addressing these problems can considerably reduce discomfort to the employee and loss of work days to the employer.

Every year sickness absence places a high financial burden on industry. Most employee sickness absences are due to musculoskeletal disorders such as back pain, neck/shoulder pain and repetitive injuries and all can be treated very effectively with physiotherapy.

Over one million people in Britain have a musculo-skeletal disorder caused or made worse by work.

Prevention is Better than Cure

It is widely recognised that a positive and proactive approach to managing work-related absences does work. Being able to identify and manage problems earlier will allow you to reduce and control absenteeism in your company. This will reduce costs, increase morale and improve productivity.

The services 3 Way Healthcare provide are individually tailored to meet the requirements of companies large and small, across a broad spectrum of industries.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists are highly experienced clinicians who have specialist knowledge in the field of workplace ergonomics and work-related disorders. Kerry Jones and Jacky Davey have both attended post-graduate courses, making them specialists in training, assessing and advising companies and staff to improve and maximise working conditions.

A treatment service is also available providing fast track physiotherapy at our clinic in Woodley.

3 Way Occupational Physiotherapy works closely with the clients, the health and safety, and human resources teams to establish and support a system of safe working practices in the workplace.

Our Services

As well as advising patients as part of their treatment, our physiotherapists are trained to visit patients in their workplace or advise whole companies as to the most ergonomically suitable working arrangements.

Workplace Assessments

Assessments are conducted of individuals at their workstation. A detailed history of the condition is taken along with measurements and photographs.

A report is provided which gives recommendations based on the observations made during the assessment and which may include advice on restriction of duties and job modification.

Advice is usually given on ergonomic equipment if appropriate.

We can assess larger work areas and sometimes it is necessary to make a general “walk round”. This is particularly relevant in a factory environment where using video cameras to record individuals carrying out various tasks and their working postures can be helpful.

Educational Programmes

Prevention is about educating the work force to recognise early symptoms of work-related disorders and to encourage personal responsibility for their own health. We cover all aspects of looking after your back, posture and exercise and upper limb problems.

We recognise that some problems are caused by lifestyle and activities at home but aggravated by work and these topics are discussed. Occupational Physiotherapists support the Health and Safety procedures/assessments already in place and raise awareness of their value in employee health.

DSE Assessor & User Training

Training DSE users to set up their workstation correctly is vitally important and we emphasise the legal requirement to complete regular DSE assessments. In our experience most people fail to recognise the importance of good workstation ergonomics. From our course feedback we know that staff have benefited from gaining a deeper understanding of the causes of work-related disorders.

3 Way also offer training for DSE Assessors. It is sometimes more cost-effective to identify key personnel to become competent assessors. Risk assessment procedures are covered in detail as well as the requirements of the HSE DSE Regulations 2002.

Manual Handling Training

Manual handling training can be given to individuals or small groups, with emphasis on the “practical” element. Where possible, video analysis of specific tasks can be used to highlight risks of injury or strain.

The causes of musculoskeletal strain are clearly explained and during the session, problem-solving tasks can help to identify possible risk areas and risk reduction solutions

Cost-Saving Benefits to your Company

Reduced Sickness Absence Costs

Earlier Return to Work after Injury

Increase in Staff Morale and Productivity

Your Investment

Workplace Assessments can be tailored to your individual requirements. To discuss your needs and for a quotation please contact 3 Way Healthcare. Prices begin at £160. All include travel costs and a detailed report.

  • Presentations / Refresher Talks
    Costs from £150, groups of 6 – 15
  • DSE User Training
    Costs from £102, groups of 6 – 15
  • DSE Assessor Training
    Costs from £158 per head, groups of 6 – 15
  • Manual Handling Training
    Costs from £150 per head, groups of 6-15.

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